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About GirlTable

GirlTable, Inc. is a privately-held Canadian corporation that offers a variety of online services designed to inspire and empower women and girls around the world.

GirlTable started as an online community, a safe space for women and girls around the world to have real conversations, and through those conversations, inspire and empower each other. Since then, GirlTable, Inc., as it is now known, has grown to include various online services geared at empowering women. In addition to our community (GirlTable), we have a crowdfunding platform (Ajoowa), a marketplace (Amaaba), a publishing platform (Obaa), a human interest blog (GT Story Project), a mentorship platform (Wentoree), and we’ve also added workshops to our community platform (GirlTable Workshops).

We consider the women and girls in our community to be our sisters. As a sisterhood, we are spread out all across the globe and we have various experiences and stories. Even so, each of us understands one simple truth about effecting change: there is strength in numbers.

Slogans & URLs

GirlTable, Inc., For Women & Girls Everywhere

GirlTable (i.e. community), Lifting each other up, one conversation at a time:

GirlTable Workshops, Learn How To // Do Whatever You Want:

GT Story Project, What is it like being a woman in your part of the world?:

Obaa | By GirlTable, Where Every Woman Has A Voice:

Ajoowa | By GirlTable, Crowdfunding for Women Everywhere:

Amaaba | By GirlTable, The Marketplace for Empowered Women:

Wentoree | By GirlTable, Career Mentoring For Women & Girls Everywhere:

Logos & Designs

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Brand Guidelines

While our main logo uses stylistic lowercase, GirlTable is a single word with uppercase G and uppercase T. It is always written as GirlTable, never as Girltable, girltable, girlTable, Girl table, girl table, girl Table, or Girl Table.

Some of our other logos also employ stylistic lowercase; when written out they are capitalized as Ajoowa, Obaa, Amaaba, and Wentoree.



  • Use our brand for your own purposes in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement by GirlTable, Inc., unless you have our explicit written consent to do so.

  • Feature GirlTable on any kind of material associated with sexually explicit content, unlawful activity or any other materials that violate our Terms & Privacy.


To help us address future branding issues, we may modify these Brand Guidelines, without notice to you. You’re responsible for following any modified terms, so be sure to review these Brand Guidelines regularly.

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